Nutrition Consultation

Optimize your Health with Personalized Nutrition Advice.

Everyone has a different body, needs and lifestyle. In nutrition there is no one size fits all plan!
Rather than sifting through Dr. Internet and trying out the latest diet trend, a Nutritionist can provide you with a personalized nutrition plan, tailored to your physical, mental and emotional needs.
My philosophy is to empower my clients. I develop plans that address the root cause of your health struggles and plan achievable, sustainable strategies in place to help you become the Healthiest and Happiest YOU!
I see patients in Islamabad at my clinic or online from anywhere in the world.

Corporate Wellness

Empower your workforce and audience through the power of food

Every company is responsible to educate, empower and inspire employees to make positive dietary changes while at work. But there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution which is why I offer bespoke nutrition-focused workplace wellness programs tailored to your employee’s needs and learning objectives.

Nutrition learning seminars: Interactive and engaging seminars covering key topics in relation to health and wellness. Employees can pop in on their lunch break and learn how to boost productivity and success through good nutrition.

These sessions are bespoke and provide practical strategies to empower employees to lead a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Meal Planning: I can provide a nutritional analysis of food and drink at the onsite restaurant and canteen, along with guidance on practical change.

Having done research projects on workplace health and nutrition I am very aware of the barriers to health in workplace. Creating an environment which harbours change is key to the success of any workplace wellness program. I will assess the barriers to change and develop tailor made strategies and materials to increase compliance.

Brand Consultancy

Add value to your business- For brands, companies and organizations

  • Food and Nutrition Content Development and Writing
  • Media and Brand Consultant
  • Product and Recipe Development and Nutrient Analysis

Consumer awareness of—and demand for—nutritious, healthy food continues to grow. Consulting with a nutritionist adds value to any food- or nutrition-related business and is a smart strategy when crafting successful food and nutrition messaging.

The reason and advice you may need support from a Nutritionist will vary from business to business. I can offer services to include consultancy, expert opinion, nutritional analysis, content creation, evidence-based research, health writing and resource production. I can create bespoke packages to suit your needs.