About Me

About Me

My Story

My passion for nutrition stems back to my teenage years when I became interested in studying the impact of food on our health. I did my BSc (Hons) degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Islamabad. I then volunteered and got the experience of working in the health care sector before landing as a Dietitian at Shifa International Hospital.

I wanted to expand and update my knowledge, so I chose to do a Masters’s course in the UK. While in the UK, I worked at Holland and Barrett, MetMUnch, and also volunteered in community organizations to create awareness about healthy eating and lifestyle.

The Story of AWN

Food and health concern everyone however nutrition knowledge is often not well communicated or understood. AWN was started with the aim to empower people to develop sustainable, healthy eating habits that energize and nourish their bodies. To bridge the gap between scientific research and latest developments in nutrition, and health advice.

Why choose a nutritionist with a degree accredited by The Association for Nutrition?

An undergraduate or postgraduate degree accredited by The Association for Nutrition (AfN) is gold-standard when it comes to obtaining a nutrition qualification. This provides a guarantee that the nutritionist will have received evidence-based training and a qualification which is recognized by Public Health England and the NHS. It is important to check background qualifications when choosing a nutritionist, ensuring that they are registered with the UKVRN, this will ensure you receive safe and accurate advice. All UKVRN registrants have a minimum of degree-level nutrition science and have committed to adhere to the AfN Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Performance.

My Achievements

  • Bachelors in Food science and Nutrition – Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad Pakistan
  • Masters in Human Nutrition (AfN accredited) – Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom
  • Certification in Food Safety (Level 3) – United Kingdom
  • Certification in HACCP (Level 3) – United Kingdom
  • Registered Associate of Nutrition (ANutr) – United Kingdom
  • Qualified to Advice- Holland and Barrett, UK